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Hundreds Of Happy Customers - Here's What Just A Few Of Them Say

Kate H, Collingwood VIC

SortMySuper took care of everything, coming to my home so that we could meet outside of working hours and helping me with my paperwork. It's great, my affairs are in order and i have an adviser that I trust.

Matt C, Essendon VIC

For me, the most important thing in receiving financial advice is trust. SortMySuper takes the time to explain things simply, in ways and understand. They recently found and consolidated all my super funds and I am saving hundreds of dollars in fees.

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Stop Wasting Your Precious Time Searching

You don't have to worry about what funds you have out there, we search through super tracker for you and bring back a match on all your existing super funds. Any paperwork you have will make life a lot easier of course.


Consolidate And Stop Wasting Money On Fees

Less fee's means you've got more super working for you and potentially growing for your future retirement. With more super invested you can now look forward to comfortable retirement.



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Don't Have The Time To See A Financial Planner?

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Does this story sound familiar?

Susan G, Kew VIC

Superannuation was never a serious consideration until my mid-40s. Then I thought about it. My super was split between two funds where performance was difficult to compare – it was like comparing ‘apples with oranges’. I knew the funds needed to be consolidated but wasn’t sure which way to go.

I sought financial advice from a range of personnel: institution-based and private. They all offered an array of products, services, and conflicting advice.

My concern was, how do I tell the ‘snake oil salesmen’ from the ‘real deal’, especially when I don’t know enough about super.

So my search continued for more than two years – time my superannuation spent steadily diminishing, exacerbated by some poor choices of mine during the GFC aftermath.

However, for over two years I was listening, learning (sometimes the hard way) and keeping an eye out.

When SortMySuper reviewed my super, they discovered that there were thousands of dollars in tax benefits that I was missing out on and made some recommendations, providing thorough explanations that made sense.

I am thrilled with the performance of my new super fund and I just love being able to use the online system to see how my fund is performing. I am delighted, and am a very happy client…

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Independant Planners Who Know Your Situation And Goals

Can't get from a big bank, we're always easy to reach and connect with . Take comfort in working with a business that answers directly to you, not it's investors.


We Give You Full Visibility With Regular Reports And Someone You Can Call Anytime

Get a clear picture of your super with regular reports(that can be read by human beings) and direct phone access to the expert managing your precious investments



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